Are you looking for more power and/or economy from your car or van ?
More torque for towing ?
Better, smoother throttle response and gearchanges ?

Remapping is essentially a simple process that optimises the operating values of your vehicles ECU (Engine Control Unit or “brain”) to allow your car to perform more efficiently, releasing more power or improving economy as required.
Car and van manufacturers have a tough job. They have to design vehicles to operate in a wide variety of conditions around the world. In order to achieve this, certain compromises are called for. The standard ECU has a generic programme or map, allowing it to cope with global differences in temperature, altitudes, fuel qualities and a host of other variables.

Our visit
We do not make any physical changes to your vehicle. Typically, in order to remap your vehicle, our visit to you will involve;
A short test drive, followed by a full diagnostic check and a physical inspection to ensure that your car is mechanically sound.
Our technician will normally access your vehicles ECU via the On Board Diagnostic (OBD 11) port. They will then read the original programme (or map) onto a laptop and upload the file to our remapping team. These guys will then adjust the map to suit your requirements regarding power/economy or both !

Once the modified map is written back onto the vehicle, our technician will carry out another test drive and a further diagnostic check before handing the car back to the owner to drive.

The process takes a couple of hours.

We advise that you inform your insurance company about any alterations to your car or van.

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