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Carbon Cleaning

Poor performance ?
Poor fuel economy ?
Exhaust emissions too high ?

Some of the reasons to use our engine Carbon Cleaning Services

Suitable for diesel, petrol and LPG engines, our Stage 1 process introduces hydrogen gas via your engines air intake. The hydrogen reacts with the carbon that has built up over time in the inlet tract, EGR valve, turbo charger, inlet valves, combustion chambers, fuel injector tips and on the engines sensors.

The hydrogen reacts with the carbon build up, by combining with it and turning it back into a hydrocarbon. This is then burnt and processed, effectively reversing the process that allowed the carbon to build up in the first place. This restores power, economy and responsiveness, while reducing harmful exhaust emissions. Indeed, we can often turn MOT fails into MOT passes ! Your engine will also sound smoother and quieter.

Carbon build up can cause expensive issues with engine components, such as the EGR valve, turbo, manifold, injectors and DPF. Regular cleaning can help prevent these issues.

We also offer additional cleaning stages as required, including;

Stage 2; a fuel injector and fuel system cleaner

Stage 3; a chemical preclean for the EGR valve and turbo for cars that haven’t been cleaned previously.

Stage 4; a DPF cleaner, to be used as required.


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